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Cornerstone Alliance, Inc. is an Independent Physician Association acquired by Care Ohio, Inc. in 2020. Cornerstone, which contracts with health plans for the services of healthcare practitioners was incorporated in 1995. As a result of the 2020 acquisition, Care Ohio became the owner and sole institutional member of Cornerstone and acquired its provider contracts, payer contracts, good will, name and other assets. Care Ohio operates Cornerstone as a separate contracting entity, a non-hospital-linked Independent Physician Association. Cornerstone Alliance is governed by a Board of Trustees appointed by the Board of Directors of Care Ohio, Inc.


Operations Manager/Credentialing Supervisor/Compliance Officer: Karen A. Boitnott
Credentialing Coordinator:‚Äč Kayla R. Todd

Board of Trustees:

Chairman: Carl S. Wehri, M.D.
Vice Chairman: Michael R. Heaphy, M.D.
Secretary: Lawrence L. Young, M.D.
Treasurer: Kemi L. Azeez, M.D.

Matthew M. Akers, M.D.
Frank M. Baldauf, M.D
Susan L. Hubbell, M.D.
Sarat B. Kuchipudi, M.D.
Suman K. Mishr, M.D.
Jennifer F. Niesen, D.O.
Olayinka O. Omitowoju, M.D.
Samir M. Patel, M.D.